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We're Bluefire, nice to meet you

Bluefire is a design service, focused primarily on website design but with extensive experience in documentation, print and branding more generally. We help publicise our customers' words, products and services to the world, with an extensive portfolio of work built up over a number of years.

This, our own website, is one of the smallest and simplest in our collection, but our work speaks for itself. We apply that principle to our customers' designs too. A good design should leave the visitor with a clear idea of what a company and its products/services are about. If they only remember flashy graphics and a 'cool' design then the designer has failed. Yes, we can and do use graphics and animations, but only if they enhance what you want to say.

If you choose to work with us, we'll go through exactly what you want to achieve, any design or content elements you specifically want or don't want and look at what you want to say to the world. Consulting at every stage, we'll prepare samples and keep working on them until you're happy with what we've done ... and until we're happy with it too. Nobody is tougher on our work than we are. You can also expect honest explanations of what's involved, including accurate timescales and costings.

On this site you can find out all about our design services, as well as our cloud hosting division. We invite you to explore our portfolio too, to find out about the organisations we have worked with to date and the technologies we have used to deliver outstanding services to them.

"At Bluefire, we provide a service specifically tailored to each customer's needs.
We believe it's really important to listen to what each customer wants and pay attention to every detail in our work.
That's what will keep you satisfied and why so many new clients have been introduced to our services by existing customers."

Adam Hugo

Adam Hugo

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