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  • Quizmaster website
  • Quizmaster branding

Bluefire was commissioned by Marc Mulligan to launch a new online resource for those running pub and other social quizzes.

The simple database-driven site features a comprehensive listing of their 'Question Bank', with dozens of quiz rounds - from standard formats to special feature rounds - available for purchase together with a range of quizmaster supplies, all integrated with a low-cost, secure PayPal shopping cart.

We also developed the logo and branding and produced a set of stationery for use across the Quizmaster range.

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"I commissioned Bluefire to design a site for my quiz hosting business and it couldn't have been easier! As someone who hasn't a clue where to start on how to design a website, Adam made the process simple to understand and was very willing to incorporate and develop upon my ideas."

Marc Mulligan, Quizmaster

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