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Eccentric Fingers

  • Eccentric Fingers website
  • Eccentric Fingers website

Eccentric Fingers is an independent creator of stained glass designs and other art.

True to our motto that 'a painting is always famous for the picture and not the frame', the only images we've used (other than the logo) are of the finely crafted products. This proves effective in drawing full attention to the designs and creations of Eccentric Fingers - the only purpose of such a site.

Database-driven portfolio information helps ensure the site can be updated quickly and easily, while also enabling display of random design highlights in relevant areas. The latest version, launched in 2014, is responsive to provide a user-friendly display no matter whether visited on a PC, tablet or mobile device.

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"I wholeheartedly recommend Bluefire for the fantastic websites that you create. The time and attention to detail that you give to each job is priceless, with the result being a work of art and unparalleled in my experience. I can truthfully say that my website is better than anyone else's ... unless it is another that Bluefire designed!"

Cathy Graves, Artist

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